ISP Polyethylene Foam (PE)

We can supply the closed-cell Polyethylene Foams in cross-linked and non-cross-linked design with densities from 20 kg/cbm to 110 kg/cbm. Additionally the foam can be equipped with conductive and antistatic properties. The PE foams are available in rolls, as sheets, or as pre-cut or stamped parts. We can also supply the PE foams with a one-sided self-adhesive coating. We manufacture our self-adhesive strip foam in roll lengths of 5 m, 10 m or 20 m, depending on the material thickness. The width of the strips can be adapted to your requirements.

Please note that our self-adhesive coating only serves as an installation aid. Due to their physical properties, our polyethylene foam products can be used as glazing tapes, for sealing and sound insulation in the construction & packaging industry, air conditioning and ventilation industry, as well as in machinery construction, loading equipment, etc.

Please do not hesitate to request additional technical data.