Quality Policy

Quality is the base of our success. Quality is our most successful product. It is the key to success, today and tomorrow. Therefore the customer has our highest priority. Customer satisfaction is one of the key metrics of the organization. It is part of systematic monitoring and includes aspects of product quality, employee competence, service quality and delivery performance. We want to win and retain customers. Our job is to identify the needs of our customers and meet their expectations. When we offer quality to our customers, we also mean environmental quality. ISP shares the concern for the environment and is committed to maintain only environmentally sound business practices.

Quality means competitive advantage

We live in a competitive world and must never forget that our customers can always choose between alternatives. The Pursuit of highest quality at any price is no guarantee of success, nor a one-sided cost-cutting tactic. A sustainable competitive advantage is achieved by balancing, the value for the customer with both quality improvement and cost reduction.

Quality is a common way

Not only the production departments, but also the other functions like marketing, purchasing, logistics and sales contribute to the quality of the products supplied to the customers. ISP expects that all business partners, like raw material producers, suppliers of packaging materials, foreign workers and distributors, share the commitment of ISP for quality by setting up an appropriate quality system. The quality policy and principles and the agreed rules as well as established working methods for implementation are defined in the quality system of ISP. The quality assurance supervisor monitors the work processes according to the specified requirements and must intervene in case of deviations. Internal audits are the method of systematically testing the effectiveness of the quality policy and our management system. Audit results are part of the monitoring and management review.

Quality is generated by employees

Creating quality requires adequate manufacturing facilities, processes and systems, as well as interested and dedicated employees. Every single employee of ISP does its best to provide high-quality products and services. Training and team spirit are crucial for the successful implementation of high quality standards. Continuous training and team spirit ensure that everyone understands their tasks. Employees will be trained to get the necessary skills to carry them out. Teamwork is achieving a better result than a sum of individual performances.

Quality is action

Quality is the result of conscious action. It is the task of the management to communicate the quality targets and to provide the necessary means to enforce them. Progress is achieved by being sensitive to the needs of our customers and measuring our performance. Defects and errors will be evaluated and corrected. Possible problems are identified and prevented before they arise. It is our job to recognize and use the opportunities. We focus on continuous improvement in all areas.