ISP Cellular Rubber

We can supply Cellular Rubber products in densities from 60 kg/cbm to 225 kg/cbm. Our product range covers the following cellular rubber qualities:

1 - EPDM-based (ethylene propylene)
2 - EPDM-EVA-based (ethylene propylene – polyethylene)
3 - NBR-based (natural rubber)

No moisture is absorbed due to the closed cell structure. Cellular Rubber has a high mechanical tensile strength and compressive strength. We can supply cellular rubber products as block material, pre-cut parts, stamped parts, starting from a material thickness of 2mm, as sheets or as 10 m roll. We can also supply the Cellular Rubber products with a one-sided self-adhesive coating. Please note that our self-adhesive coating only serves as an installation aid. Due to their physical properties, the cellular rubber products are ideally suited for sealing and insulation in the construction, mechanical engineering industries, electronic industries, automotive industries and others.

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