ISP - Tradition and Competence

The company ISP was founded on 1st November 1976, by Albert Dahmer and Dieter Kleemann in Schiesheim. Just one year later, the company relocated to Niederneisen. The need to expand capacities made this move necessary.

In 1988, the company moved to the business park in Limburg - Offheim, where the company’s headquarters is located today. We have a production space of more than 31,000 sqm.

We are a medium-sized family-owned company specializing in the production, finishing and sale of polyurethane foam materials on polyether and polyester base, polyethylene foam and cellular rubber. We can manufacture the products as pre-cut parts, stamped parts, molded parts, on rolls, as sheets or strips. Furthermore we can produce all products with a self-adhesive finish, and also compact or impregnate polyurethane foam materials using a thermal treatment process.

The variety of our manufacturing equipment ensures a high level of in house production depth.

ISP is a globally orientated company and currently has 50 employees. The company’s two managing partners Albert Dahmer and Dieter Kleemann have shaped the company significantly during the past 30 years. Both sons, Andreas Kleemann and Oliver Dahmer, joined the ISP in 2007 and now manage the company in the second generation.